Cargo bike courier delivering flowers, plants, preserved flowers and chocolates in Barcelona

How did Florster start?

Hey there! We are Florster. 

Maybe you would like to know how this floral business that you support has started, or maybe you would like to start your own business. 

Whatever the reason, here we tell you how we did it. 

Cargo bike courier delivering flowers, plants, preserved flowers and chocolates in Barcelona

The beginning and the single bouquet 

Florster was born in the Barcelona apartment of founder Elena Zhabreva back in 2018. 

Elena developed the first one daily arrangement business model. Only three sizes and no flower type or color to choose from. Just one bouquet designed with the best of the best from our local and international growers. 

We wanted to not just reduce flower waste using this daily arrangement model but also designing our bouquets using biodegradable materials like burlap wraps from local coffee roasters in Barcelona. 

We are now working with the best farms creating an arrangement you won't find anywhere else. No middlemen. This is the best way to guarantee just the freshest flowers. 

The cycling delivery model

Delivery costs a lot of money. You have to pay for a van, the driver, parking, fees and petrol. Do not even think about the third-party shipping option when you sell just few bouquets a week. We need to find 

As I love riding a bike and I can go really fast a modern floral company that specializes in flower delivery was born.

Cycling is the best way to deliver your gifting as fast as 2 hours and at the same time carefully prepped. This is one of our Barcelona flower delivery success. 

Happiness delivery recorded 

It did not take me too long to realize that deliveries are and important part of the experience. 

In our first mother's day I saw so many happy moms that made me think about capture the moment. I bought my first GoPro and I became the world's first bicycle delivery camerawoman. 

Florster is the truly online gifting company that makes receiving flowers as enjoyable as sending.  

The present 

While we have a few more arrangement options now, we are a peloton of Superheroes riding cargo bikes and our videos have better quality, our minimalist model still has the same roots: fewer choices, better flowers, eco-friendly delivery and that reaction face you simple cannot miss.

Florster is one of a kind experience to make anyone's day. 

Put the pedal to the metal and just choose one bouquet. You can now order preserved flowers, plants and chocolates. 

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