Delivery Policy

Delivery Policy

Our floral arrangements are delivered by bicycles by our couriers inside the area shown on our map of delivery. 

As soon as the order confirmation was sent, the product will be delivered in the direction indicated by the user placing the order. As soon as the delivery was completed, you also will receive a confirmation by e-mail or any other communication media that we have with the user. 

To verify the time availability, as soon as the day of delivery was selected in the calendar, the available hours will appear. At the moment we have 100 % of orders delivered on time. 

If you have any additional doubt you can get in contact with our team through or calling 671157673.

Our couriers will do everything humanly possible to deliver your flower arrangement the day, the time and the direction indicated (to speak with the neighbors, to call you and etc). If the recipient is not available, we will leave the flower arrangement to the doorman, to a neighbor or some local business close to its house. In this case we will inform you about the place where we leave the flowers by phone or e-mail. 

Florster does not assume any responsibility when the delivery of the product isn’t completed as a result of one of the reasons described in the paragraph of the returns. 

We will always try to fulfill your expectations that's why if you have some doubt please inform us to be able to fix everything quickly. If it’s not about the circumstances out of our control like the acts of the God, the severe time, the terroristic acts, the strikes and etc. we will do absolutely the best of us. It is our promise.

Also we recommend to do your orders at least 5 days before the big holidays.

Delivery to the special places 

If your order takes as a destination a hospital, a hotel, a company, a university or any other state building please facilitate to us its name and  telephone number and provide as many details as you can. In case of the hospitals we will need the pavilion and the number of room. Florster will try to deliver your floral arrangement in accordance with the norms of every organization but we will not be responsable if these organizations prevent it. Please consult everything with the hospital before placing your order. 

If you want to send flowers to a person who stays at a hotel you will have to specify the number of room at which it stays (if you have it) and the name of the person under which the reservation is done. Florster cannot authorize any refund if it was not possible to complete a delivery due to these circumstances.