Elela Zhabreva CEO, florist and Courier from Florster riding a cargo bike delivering flowers and plants in Barcelona

Hello, I am Elena

I am the founder of Florster, a startup that started in 2018 with the mission to be the best flower delivery service in Barcelona through a new business model that allows to buy flowers online in a right way.

Our Mission is to change the way flowers are purchased in Barcelona, by being a much better alternative to the big guys. 

For this purpose we spend more than one year realizing many tests regarding the design of the flower arrangements, the type of seasonal flowers, logistics of delivery and edition of the video of the delivery.

Just right or medium size bouquet with roses, tulips, ranunculus, protea y eucalyptus

Our Mission

Simple. Offer beautiful and well designed flowers at a reasonable price while minimizing the waste and environmental impact.

Also we want to saving you time in our simple ordering process. Does it get any better than that? for sure! we send you a video of that reaction face you simply cannot miss. 

  • Decosfera Magazine

    “The Florster history changes our point of view, leaving the traditional flower shop aside, and moving to an innovative form, very opportune, of satisfying the client or surprising both the recipient and the sender with the seasonal flower arrangement”.

  • El Periódico

    “At the age of 7 years Elena Zhabreva was enjoying planting flowers with her mother so that in the house where they were living, in Russia, anytime that it was possible there were fresh flowers..”

  • La Vanguardia

    Florster, an emerging company that was born breaking the mold...

More about us

Today we believe that we have created one of the flower arrangements with the best design of the market, an excellent experience of buying process, a company based on the integrity and the collaboration with local farmers and that has become the online flower shop with a major potential of growth in Barcelona.   

It was possible to achieve it only thanks to you. Not so many people fulfill their dreams but I believe that we belong to the lucky few ones in achieving it and that's why we are very grateful. 

What's the next move?

In 2023, we wrote an important chapter in our story. We partnered with friends in Adelaide and we launched Florster Adelaide. While we don't operate the business there directly, our heart is fully in it. 


What are you going to find in our Instagram? 

- Some of the flower arrangements that were delivered to the clients like you. 
- Events, fairs and workshops. 
- News about us, new products, new collections and new ideas.

Follow us too in @florsterfreshflowers 

Now we believe that it is already enough to speak about us. Let's speak about you. Anything that you may need like to show affection or to impress someone and make him/her jumping from happiness, or if this person has complicated schedule and usually hides from the couriers, or if your flowers requirements are very big, we are the solution for you. 

If you want to know more about us please read our post about How did Florster start?