Welcome to our FAQs space to order flowers in Barcelona in a correct way in the coolest flower shop of Barcelona. 

First of all we want to thank you for using our page of frequent questions. This way you help us to save time by not repeating answers over and over.

If you do not manage to clarify your doubt please contact us by the way that suits you better like e-mail, Instagram, Whatsapp, or if you prefer you can call us. 


What type of flowers will I receive?

We Pick the best of the best from what’s in season.

We use not very commercial flowers, those that you do not find easily in the flower shops like peonies or garden roses.

As fresh as possible. Every day we create the only design of a flower arrangement with the best flowers of the market (recently cut in the gardens of the Maresme). For this reason we can neither accept an order with a specific type of flowers nor assure a design of a flower arrangement in advance.

We guarantee that we will put all our heart so that your flower arrangement is super beautiful and the best that you have ever received.

What is the origin of the flowers?

Almost all our flowers come from the local farmers who cultivate their flowers in a most traditional way in the gardens of the Maresme.

Some flowers can come from Holland depending on the season and on the variety of flowers. 

Can I personalize my flower arrangement?

We do not do personalized flower arrangements, like for example 6 red roses. If we do it we will have more difficult logistics, the flowers stock in refreshed cameras and an enormous waste of flowers. Losing this way our advantages to be able to use not commercial special flowers of a very top quality. 

Although you cannot choose exactly the type of flowers, you can look in our Instagram at the recently sent arrangements and have an idea of what we use each season.

You are guaranteed that the person who receives our flower arrangement will love it with madness.


Where we deliver

We deliver in Barcelona, Badalona, Sant Just, Cornella, Sant Joan Despi y El Hospitalet. 

Additionally, we extend our delivery services to other areas outside of Barcelona, such as Castelldefels, Sant Cugat, El Prat, and Gavà, utilizing courier services.

If your desired address is not listed, please don't hesitate to contact us, as we may still be able to accommodate your delivery.

Contact us by Whatsapp 0034 671157673.

What happens if the recipient is not at home?

We will try to find him/her by phone or WhatsApp to do the delivery in hand without breaking the surprise.

If in the delivery point we find someone who could give us more information, we will decide according to the waiting times if we leave it with his/her relative or roommate, we wait a little or do the delivery later.  

If this does not work, we will contact with you to deliver it at other time.

All this without any cost for you. 

And if I live on the mountain? and if it rains?

We are couriers superheroes that pedal even in complicated climatic conditions. We use special rucksacks to protect your flower arrangement. We come to any part of Barcelona city, The Hospitalet, Badalona and other surroundings without problem. To know more please look here at our delivery map.

What is the most quickly that you can deliver? do you deliver 24 hours? do you deliver in 2 hours?

We can deliver in only 2 hours once you have your order confirmed. It is much more rapid than the deliveries the following day of our competitors. 

We can deliver you the flower arrangement at any time and any day. If the desired hour is blocked in the system, only get in touch with us and we try to solve it. 

We do not use the services of the delivery companies that’s why you can forget to receive your bouquet in bad condition or late or to look for it in a center of packaging due to a failed delivery. 

We deliver in fridges of two hours. 

For deliveries at an exact time get in touch with us and we will arrange it.

Can I look for my flower arrangement in the workshop?

You can come to look for your flower arrangement in our workshop without problem. 

When you place your order online please indicate our direction. We will get in touch to have your flower arrangement prepared. 

If you come by car, we will be attentive to give you your flower arrangement without parking. 

When will I receive the video of the delivery?

We are almost so anxious to watch the video as you! So the same day that we do the delivery of the flower arrangement we will send to you the video, it usually takes us only 2 hours while the messenger comes and we edit it a little. We can send it by WhatsApp or by e-mail, as you prefer. 

Once you confirm to us that you have received the video we eliminate it. If you don’t receive the video the same day, write to us as soon as possible to check what has happened. The videos are eliminated in any case 10 days after the delivery, so we will not be able to send to you an extra copy after this time. We never share nor show it to other people. Only you are an owner of this moment.


Can I cancel my order?

Yes, of course. If for some strange reason you want to cancel the order before the delivery, you can do it without any cost.  

All changes should be done before our couriers go out with your order, this is at least five hours before the first hour of delivery. If your bouquet is already made, you can not change the order.

Can I return the flower arrangement?

We know that if the flower arrangement arrives in bad condition or if we get too late, the moment has been already ruined. In this case the return of the money or a substitution of the flower arrangement the following day will not improve the situation a lot. 

That’s why we guarantee 100% that the flower arrangement is perfect. The deliveries are done by us to make sure that everything is correct. 

That’s why nobody has never wanted to return a Florster flower arrangement.

Nevertheless, if you believe that the bouquet was not of the quality that you were waiting for, simply send us an e-mail or WhatsApp with your comments and a photo for a free return. We will fix it according to our return politics.

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